Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On to Mary Jane!!!

"Don't give up and just breathe"...
I had to practically chant this phrase over and over just to complete these shoes. With the giraffe it was not the end of the world if you missed a stitch here and there, but with the MJ's and Loafers missing one stitch meant ones toes growing out the side of their foot. I maybe started over on one Mary Jane 10 times and the other 15 times... I don't even want to talk about the loafers!
Don't get me wrong, I had a great time making both pairs of shoes and I learned that marking each round with a safety pin helps tremendously to stay on track (I took extra caution and left a marker two rounds back, just in case I needed to go back a step...or two).

Here are a few pics...

Results are clearly those of a beginner... with plenty of room for improvement!

It's funny how things you do for fun turn into paying jobs...My very first customer has requested a giraffe for a baby boy. I am so excited to get started.

I will be trying new patterns very soon, if you like what you see, I would love to make one for you!

Have any suggestions?

Until next time,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


To Crochet...

cro·chet (krō s̸hā)


a kind of needlework in which loops of a thread or yarn are interwoven by means of a single hooked needle (crochet hook)

Etymology: Fr, small hook: see crotchet

intransitive verb, transitive verb crocheted -·cheted′ (-s̸hād), crocheting -·chet′·ing

to do crochet or make by crochet

I believe I have found my new hobby (Thanks to Kelly Bownds). Several people have been asking me what my hobbies are. I used to answer with "painting, drawing, anything with a medium", but since I became a mom there isn't much time for my old hobbies... which left me answering the question with "I don't have a hobby". The words came out like vomit... made me a bit sad. I love drawing, I love painting, but to pull out all the messy paints, canvas, brushes, charcoal, turpentine, textures... is just a disaster waiting to happen! So.... when Kelly called me the other day asking if I have ever heard of Amigurumi (crocheted dools), my curiosity got the best of me and I never looked back. So far I have made two giraffes and I am working on a pair of baby Mary Jane's. It is so fun, and not messy! I can crochet and have Bry in the same room, FANTASTIC!

Here is the first Giraffe I made... I think it's pretty good for my first time.

And then the second Giraffe... much better than the first.

Both Together!

The baby Mary Jane's are a bit more difficult and I have had to start over a few times. I will post an update on them soon. Who know's... maybe Kelly and I will become renowned crochet artists! We can only hope! :)

Until next time,